Secret partner business

And relaxing...

Deloitte’s annual partner conference involved almost 900 (!) partners descending on Sydney last week for two days of non-stop Green Dot action.

It’s an event of two halves - the day-time serious (forecasts, results and case studies) and the evening not-so-serious (awards, drinking, dancing and the partner band Cluster Funk).

All the serious day-time stuff, and more, is covered in this story, Deloitte in 'striking distance' of PwC (paywall), published in today’s paper. Lots of numbers in there.

Notable is the focus on being hot-on-the-heels of rival PwC and the warning to the unhappy to leave. In this case, many of the unhappy simply feel unheard by the firm’s leaders. If you come to me, you’re usually seeking some form of justice of the last resort…

On another note, thanks to those who have taken the time out to give me feedback on this experimental newsletter. (That’s you Kirstina G, K, G and D!).

The most common comment was that I needed to, well, relax, and be more chatty. Turns out I might have forgotten how to have fun when I write. This edition is my first attempt at unclenching. I hope it works.

As always, let me know your thoughts.